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Protecting Your Hair From UV Ray Damage

When we think about protecting ourselves from the sun, we often focus on our skin, forgetting that our hair is also susceptible to damage from UV rays. Just like our skin, our hair needs safeguarding from the harmful effects of the sun. Here’s a closer look at how UV rays can hurt your hair and what you can do about it.

UVB and UVA Rays:

  • UVB rays primarily affect the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle) and can cause direct damage such as weakening, dryness, and color fading. They are also responsible for causing split ends and making the hair more prone to breakage.
  • UVA rays penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, affecting the inner structure (cortex). They contribute to protein loss, moisture depletion, and overall weakening of the hair's elasticity and strength. Both of these types of rays are strongest between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Effects on Hair Texture and Appearance:

  • Dryness and Frizz: UV exposure can strip away the natural oils that keep hair moisturized, leading to dryness and frizz.
  • Color Fading: Whether natural or dyed, UV rays can oxidize hair pigments, causing color to fade over time.
  • Brittleness: Weakened hair shafts are more prone to breakage and split ends, giving your hair a brittle and unhealthy appearance.

How Peri Can Help Protect Your Hair: 

Our Smoothing & Nourishing Hair Serum protects against heat from styling tools, but it also has built-in protection from UV rays. Hair is primarily composed of a fibrous protein called keratin, which consists of amino acids and plays a vital role in maintaining hair's strength and structure. Proteins in the hair act as a natural defense mechanism against environmental stressors like UV radiation, which is why Peri’s plant-based ingredients can act as an SPF for the hair. By using those natural ingredients like rice bran oil, jojoba oil, and hydrolyzed soy protein, the serum is introducing additional proteins to the hair for added layers of protection.

To use the serum most effectively against the sun, apply to damp hair after a wash, starting at the ends. Work your way up to the scalp, massaging it in before brushing your hair. The serum will guard against UV rays until your next wash. It’s different from SPF for the skin in that sense because while your skin absorbs sunscreen and needs to be re-applied for continuous protection, the serum will sit on the hair strands until it is washed off.

In addition to the serum protecting your hair while outside, Peri’s Daili Cleanse Restorative Shampoo & Conditioner set hydrates and replenishes your hair, locking in moisture. This natural cleansing duo is perfect for summertime use to counteract the chemicals found in chlorine that can leave hair brittle and dull. 

Summer should be about having fun in the sun, not worrying about how the UV rays might damage your hair. By using this trio, you can stay vibrant year-round!

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